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About Us

At The Heating Expert, our mission is to make clean, reliable solar energy accessible to everyone. We are committed to the environment and spearheading industry-wide changes with groundbreaking and innovative research and development. With years of experience in Water & Space Heating industry,Innovative Technologies experience, high-quality products, and technological innovations have propelled us to be the leading Water & Space Heating Solutions in the world.

The Heating Expert to become the leading brand in the world would not have been possible without the strategic vision and ambition of a skilled and highly experienced leadership team.This team brings diverse management and industry experience to a workforce striving to deliver the highest quality product and the best service to customers around the world.

The Heating Expert products have a strong track record of reliability and performance in the field. As a vertically integrated company, Innovative Technologies tightly controls quality at every Step.

To become an epitome by providing benchmark quality products and services unseen in the Indian solar water heating market before.
To become the most primary water & space heating solution providers to serve our country.
We believe in providing fundamentally essential and holistic solution to our customers by quality, value for money and the highest level of satisfaction.

Sheer emphasis on quality
We provide quality product and services to the user for which we ensure that every component used in the system is world class. We follow the same standards and maintain the same quality for which TiSUN is renowned throughout the world.
• World class engineering:
TiSUN universally has made a name for itself for unmatched engineering and products of the highest standard, we at India also believe in maintaining the standard set by TiSUN GmbH.
• Timely execution and impeccable service:
We value time and provide impeccable service pre and post order. We follow strict project management techniques which help us to deliver timely services and help us to control our project cost.
• Highly optimized System:
Our designs are highly optimized with the use of Innovative software developed by our parent based on their many years of experience in the field.