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Save Upto 72% Electricity by Heat Pumps

Save Upto 72% Electricity by Heat Pumps: Heat Pumps of COP 4.2 saving much more energy that one can get the payback of 1 year as well. Water Heating Accounts the biggest chunk of consumption in average kiwi home. It is important to understand that energy efficient products are typically more costly compared to their less efficient and economically disadvantageous counterparts but they have relatively short payback periods, increased energy savings, superior performance, and are better for the environment.Because HPWH’s have no combustion process and don’t burn fuel, they leave no carbon footprint or greenhouse gas emissions. For comparison, a family of four can prevent 20 tons of greenhouse gas emissions by updating their standard electric water heater (ERWH) to a new heat pump counterpart. And if every standard domestic electric water heater less than 55 gallons were replaced with an energy-efficient HPWH, the country as a whole could save $8.2 billion in energy (kWh) each year, equivalent to 98 billion pounds of greenhouse gases, or 9 million cars.