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Solar-Assisted Heat Pump Water Heater are the future of Central Water Heating System.

Solar-Assisted Heat Pump Water Heater are the future of Central Water Heating System: The team at Innovative Technologies are no holds barred, dead keen advocates and committed to the promotion of  solar energy as the clean, mainstream energy source of the future. The first solar panel modules installed by EA’s founder in the 1981 are still in operation today. While the industry holds its breath waiting for super energy storage devices (IE Super Batteries) we see no reason not to go hard to offset as much energy consumption as possible and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and quickly as we can.

COP of ASHPWH will be very low when ambient temperature is low, while solar collector can work with a high efficiency. Combining heat pump and solar water heater system, evaporator/collector can be operated at a high temperature, and COP would increase. This thought was first conceived by Jordan and Threlkeld in 1950s. Now many kinds of solar assisted heat pump water heating system have been designed.Analytical and experimental studies were performed on a solar assisted heat pump water heating system by Hawlader. To ensure proper matching between the collector/evaporator load and compressor capacity, a variable speed compressor was used. Results showed that, the condensing temperature would increase when water temperature in the condenser tank increased with time, and the corresponding COP and collector efficiency values declined. Solar collector efficiency was found to vary between 40% and 75% for water temperatures in the condenser tank varying between 30°C and 50°C ,and average values of COP ranged from about 4 to 9 .Huang carried out a long-term reliability test of an integral-type solar-assisted heat pump water heater (ISAHP).During the past 5 yr the prototype had been running continuously for more than 13,000 h with total running time more than 20,000 h. The measured energy consumption was 0.019 kWh/l of hot water at 57 deg.C that was much less than the backup electric energy consumption of the conventional solar water heater. Cheng Kung fabricated a prototype of direct-expansion solar-assisted heat-pump water heater. Its performance was investigated under the simulated solar radiation (0-1000 W/m2). The results indicated that, the averaged values of system COP and heat output rate were about 4.18 and 1.04 kw.