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Domestic Hot Water Mixing Valve

Product description

A self-actuating thermostatic domestic hot water mixing valve acts as a central mixing unit and ensures a constant mixed water temperature at the point of withdrawal. Scalding at the point of withdrawal is thereby avoided even at high tank temperatures. Special valve seals at the control piston reduce unwanted admixtures to a minimum*, resulting in maximum utilisation of the tank temperature. Long service life thanks to high-quality plastics and non-stick coatings against limescale. Infinitely adjustable target temperature.

Mode of function
The mixing valve is supplied with hot water from a tank and with cold water from the line network. The temperature of the mixed water is registered by a thermostatic expansion element. A deviation in the temperature of the mixed water from the target value will cause the expansion element to move the control piston, and thereby regulate the supply of hot and cold water until the mixed water temperature corresponds to the target value.

•Constant water temperature at the point of withdrawal
•Self-actuating mixing function without supplementary energy
•Infinitely variable adjustment of the mixed water temperature
•High control precision
•Protection from scalding
•High kVS values
•Very low cold water leakage rate
•Non-stick coating of the valve housing against limescale
•Locking option of the target value setting
•Can be used as a diverting valve
•No additional seals are required when used as return flow inhibitor
•Return flow inhibitors are secured against loss

Technical Specifications
Type BMV 34, BMV 1
Housing Messing EZB
Interior Parts Brass
Seals High quality plastic
Flow Media EPDM
Maximum operating temperature(deg. celsius) 100
Max. operating pressure (bar) 10
Adjustable temperature range 2 bar
Maximum steady Inlet pressure difference 5 bar
Temperature Stability of mixture 45- 60 deg. celsius

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